Church Tithing


Track pledges and revenue from members, non-members or visitors, and whether pledged or unpledged. Revenue is tracked by funds, both designated and undesignated. Up to 9999 different funds and unlimited (999) revenue accounts can be accounted for. All account records post to RDS Advantage General Ledger for easy management.

Track up to 10 million accounts!

The church software’s tithing feature can track up to 10 million revenue accounts for 1 million designated funds so you can retain pledge and contribution information for as long as you need! It also allows you to compress the previous year’s contributions into a summary form, or remove old information completely. The amount of information that you can save is practically unlimited, keeping you from deleting important information to just to save space.

Check Imaging

Automate accounting data entry using a check imager.

The check imager scans the front and back of each check and stores the images on your computer, prints your deposit endorsement on the back of the check, and then prints notice on check front you have processed the check. When data entry is complete, the system sends the deposit to your bank electronically all in one step.

Banking made easy

Many features make church banking easy. Contributions received are easy to manage and easy to deposit in your bank with RDS.

Easy banking features:

  • Bank Reconciliation brings together all cash accounts with monthly bank statements.
  • Process church-initiated EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) contributions.
  • Interface with General Ledger to eliminate double entry.
  • Group church contributions into entry batches for data verification, but consolidate them into one deposit to the church’s bank account.
  • Print deposit slips.
  • Indicate for each church contributor to receive statements annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, or never.
  • Transmit check images to the bank for automatic deposit.
  • Use “recurring contributions” to enter EFT contributions once, but to post them and transmit them to the bank on a regular, church-determined basis.
  • Include all year-to-date detail or summarize by a designated amount.
  • Software functionality helps to meet all year-end IRS reporting requirements.